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Send prize info to CCA- click "buy one now"
To enter any CCA tournament, go to
FOREIGN PLAYERS: Please input "00000" for zip code & place postal code under "fax no"
If you enter info, click and see same screen, you have left a required (bold) field blank!

WELCOME TO CONTINENTAL CHESS ASSOCIATION'S ONLINE ENTRY.   For beginners who wish to enter one player in one event in the simplest way, without using some of the shopping cart's advanced features, here's how: 1. Click the tournament name (upper left on first page of shopping cart). Do not "sign in." 2. Click "Buy one now." (For advanced users, "add to basket" is faster for multiple entries). 3. Fill out the entry form ("missing product attributes") and click "Continue." Bold print means that you must respond. When you click "continue" if nothing happens, you have probably failed to respond to something in bold. 4. Click "Place order without account." (Ignore "log in" and "password," optional features for advanced users). 5. Fill out "Customer info" for "Ship to," even though nothing will be shipped. Click "Continue." 6. Go to "Pay with" and choose type of credit card. Click "Continue." 7. Input credit card number. Select month and year of credit card expiration date. Click "Continue." 8. If you see "Thank you for your order," your entry was processed successfully. Please print out a copy of the invoice that appears and bring it to the tournament, to show in the event you are omitted through error. If you can't print it out, write down your order number and bring it. If you can't do either, don't worry, no big deal, please don't contact us about this as we don't have time to look up order numbers. 9. Your entry is now confirmed. Do not expect to receive a confirming email. Advance entries are also posted at (link in middle of home page), usually the day before the tournament, a week or two before, and possibly once earlier. 10. PLEASE DO NOT WRITE OR CALL US TO ASK IF YOUR ENTRY WAS RECEIVED as we don't have time to research individual entries. When the final entry post goes up at a day or two before the tournament, if you are not there, send an email to (use "@" in place of "At") and we will enter you.